Best Cutting Services According To Material

Metal cutting services are now abundant to anywhere as long you know certain people who can recommend you good services. Regarding the services, selection is a crucial part since there are several options in which you can choose from. Further, one must understand the differences of each and every options to ensure that the buyer is knowledgeable enough to invest in the right type of cutting service. This article will detail you the differences of each metal cutting service to one another.

Laser Cutting:

First of the options is the laser cutting. It involves a light moving to a straight path that will remove the metal thru the process of vaporization. They have a good tolerance that is usually down to .0005 inches. Laser cutting is known to be one of the most precise and create the littlest kerf. Addition is their speed in which they can cut materials at 16 gauge thin. Their strength ranges to mild steel which could be 1.25 inches in diameter. Laser cutting only requires gas and electricity to function. To learn more about laser cutting services, you may follow the link.

Waterjet Cutting:

Meanwhile, waterjet cutting is a type of metal cutting service in which there should be utilization of 35 - 75,000 PSI that is maimed toward the metal to make the precise cut. The metal parts could be given the thickness of maximum 6 inches and the tolerance is within .003 inch. It is known to be the slowest method of cutting services but the materials can be metal to ceramic tiles. The method requires you to use water and garnet, which are tiny rocks used.

Plasma Cutting:

Lastly is the plasma cutting which is described by the high temperature plasma is involves and an electric arc seeking ground. The procedure it does is cutting the metal by melting the material around it and blasting the work area. It is only used when cutting thick metals since the plasma cutting is recorded to be a fast worker in this category. Normally, there is a utilization of electricity and gas that will help in the service. You can also learn more about laser cutting by checking out the post at

Which Cutting Method Works Best?

Method of cutting a certain metal will always depend on the thickness of the material. In summary, one must use the method of laser cutting service if their metal has a 1 inch thickness or less. If the material was created using things with low tolerance to heat, a waterjet should be utilized. Lastly, if the material is very thick, about 2 inches or more, while time is a factor, plasma cutting is recommended to be used. Please check out this site if you have questions.